Richard J. Enna, CFP®  

Welcome to R. J. Enna and Associates Financial Group.  My operation has one simple mission:  To provide my valuable clients with clarity through unparalleled planning and support services, when it comes to their financial, estate and business planning, and to motivate them to take action, should steps be needed to put their plans on firm ground. 

The resources available to me, as a member agent of the Nautilus Group ®, a service of New York Life Insurance Company, and my local support staff, combined with my extensive background in tax, accounting, and working with a closely held business, equip me in a unique way to help my clients reduce their unique, complex situations, to a concise game plan carried out with simple, accomplishable steps.

When it comes to your income, retirement, estate, business, and philanthropic plans, many times a different level of planning is needed.  The majority of my clients already have exceptional advisors in place, but  in many cases,  for some reason, their plans have not been completed, and sometimes they are unaware of this.  There are some financial advisory firms who try and treat clients planning needs with  a one stop shop approach.  My approach is different.  With the exceptional resources of The Nautilus Group® at my disposal, I assist clients by working along with their current advisors to make sure there are no gaps in the planning process.

As a result, a solid, tight knit course has been charted for the long run.  This game plan will confirm the great work already done by current advisors.  It will also clarify what steps may still be needed,  motivating the client to take action on these steps, once they have a clear understanding of where they are and where they need to go. 

Because of our high quality consultative process, and extensive support through The Nautilus Group®, I am brought in to work with many financial advisors to address the unique planning needs of their valued clients.

Thank you for thinking of R. J. Enna and Associates, when it comes to your planning needs.  Please use this website for access to knowledge about our operation, tools and information for financial review, and to contact me with questions, or to discuss your situation.








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